Challenges of Today's Market

The combination of San Francisco Bay's booming economy, influx of highly-paid workers, lack of new residential construction and an aging population plays a major role in our housing inventory crisis and skyrocketing values. In the last year alone, the median sale price of a single-family home appreciated 15.5% while inventory decreased by 38%. Although the Bay Area has $606 billion in untapped home equity, many of these homeowners must first sell their primary residence in order qualify for a new mortgage. In addition, industry regulations create a slower and more controlled process that bogs down the entire loan approval process, which makes it difficult to get a buyer's offer accepted. 

The challenge is even greater for homeowners who face one or more of the following factors:

Competition from Cash Buyers


It is estimated that 27% of Bay Area real estate transactions are now all-cash. Buyers with sale and financing contingencies lose out on numerous houses to these buyers. To have a shot at their dream home, buyers need to be able to make an all-cash offer. 

Non-negotiable Timelines


Many homeowners need to move into a new home before they sell their current home because they are starting a new job, expecting a new baby, or don't want to change schools in the middle of the year. 

Necessary Renovations


Sellers with older homes that have not been updated need the capital for renovations to get top market value. They will need to move into their new residence during the renovation.

Retirees Who Move Before Selling


Individuals approaching retirement who need to downsize or build an ADU (Adult Dwelling Unit) on a child's property often want to move before they sell their current home. Retirees represent 13.6% of California's population and 80% of them own their own homes.